Le Pain du Jour translates to The Bread of the Day, and to us that means everything. The artisans at Le Pain du Jour see bread and pastry baking as works of art and continue to honor quality, care and authenticity as their core philosophies. We have breads and pastries that are available in store everyday like fresh baguettes and croissants. There is also a variety of specialty pastries that are offered throughout the week. All breads and pastries are available for next day orders and deliveries. Stop in to see what

le pain du jour is today, prepare to be wowed!


Our Bakery

Le Pain du Jour is a neighborhood bakery in the city of good neighbors, Hawthorne, California! This is not only where we own and operate our bakery, but it’s also where we live, shop, and enjoy time with friends and family. Being deeply rooted in this community makes our mission that much stronger. We aim to provide authentic french bread and pastries to our locals and visitors of the community. Being located in LA, we love creating favorites from all over for our diverse neighborhood to enjoy. You’ll always be able to count on us to fulfill all your deserving indulgences and special occasions. We want everyone to feel at home when they step through our doors and leave feeling better than when they came in.  If you have any new ideas for us, please share! We love hearing from you.


At Le Pain du Jour we make every move 

based on these 4 Values

Baguette with Cheeses
Local Bakery